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Providing exceptional care to our patients has always been our top priority at ABC Pediatric Clinic. Now we're being recognized for our efforts by Office Practicum, our EHR partner known for their cutting-edge Pediatric EHR (electronic health records) technology. Our initiatives to change the obesity outcomes in our clinic and ongoing free educational seminars are featured in their April 2015 newsletter. Read Our Story

What's next for ABC Pediatric Clinic?
Increasing teen well child care rates, adding spirometry as a measure for asthma control, and screening for pre-diabetes in obese kids. With a plan and data, you can do anything!

Healthy Eating Class at ABC Pediatric Clinic

Physicians Receive 2015 Quality Award!
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Congratulations to Drs. Silen and Sogol Pahlavan for receiving the 2015 QUALITY AWARD from Texas Children's Health Plan, an award given to physicians who provide a high quality of care.
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Welcome To Our Clinic!

Welcome To Our Clinic!

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